We have many products are inviting buyers to test, the products on this website are only for users to browse and select products, but to cooperate please observe the following points.
1, no orders can be placed directly through the website.
2, all products are ordered on amazon.com.
3, after selecting the products must send us a message to confirm, through Instagram, WhatsApp, messenger and other ways to contact us can be.
4, no products can be ordered without our confirmation and consent, otherwise we will not refund.
5, send us a message to tell us whether your Amazon account can leave a review, or rating or feedback.
6, the vast majority of products on the site are required 5-star review, if your account can only leave rating or feedback, we will send you rating and feedback of the product.
7, we are very honest sellers, we have a long-term friendly relationship with many American buyers.